Friday, February 17, 2012

Already Have an iPhone?

Coming from an Android phone to the iPhone I felt like I was missing some freedom. Within a couple of days I read about jailbreaking iPhones and what the benefits would be. There are so many different "tweaks", applications, and other tools you can download to truly make it your own. There's even an app that will change the way the operating system looks, if you prefer Android, Windows, or even something completely unique you can make it happen! The best part is you can change almost every single thing about it. Want a different color for your keyboard? Done. Don't have the iPhone 4S and want Siri? I have a Siri program called Sara and it works great. It's also fairly simple to jailbreak your phone, for the most part it's just a three click process. To get a direct link to learn more about jailbreaking and the exact process click here.

What I'm getting at is this, at first I felt like the iPhone had so much untapped potential and I was actually thinking about switching back to an Android device. After I jailbroke my device it felt like a new phone, I could do everything I did on my old device and more. It has truly enhanced my experience with the phone and I recommend everyone to do the same.

If you have any questions about it or want to know what tweaks I downloaded, leave a comment or send me an email at