Monday, February 20, 2012

Why I Still Have the iPhone

Everyone talks about specs.
How fast is it? How many megapixels is the camera? Whats the processing power?

A phone is so much more than just numbers, I used to have a couple of Android phones until switching to the iPhone. I tried out the Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, and the Thunderbolt, sure all of them were good phones and I enjoyed some of the time I spent with them, but I ran into so many issues. Yes these phones have 8MP cameras, yes they have 4G LTE, yes they have faster processors, the only problem is it they just don't seem to always work. I would get countless force closed  errors and random reboots that it really discouraged me from continuing my use with Android, and trust me at first I was all about Android. I kept getting the newer model with better processors and more memory in hopes that my phone would run the way I wanted it to, but each time it only seemed to get worse and worse. I went from having a decent battery life to getting maybe 5 hours out of my Thunderbolt. After 2 years of swapping Android phones, I finally gave in.

"Oh I'll just try the iPhone and see how it is, no way will I stick with it." Well, after my first few weeks I was extremely happy with it, I never had it force close an app or randomly reboot while I was doing something. It just always worked, whenever I needed something I could count on my phone to get the job done. The new Android phones can definitely do a lot but when it comes down to just working and being reliable the iPhone hasn't missed a beat and that's why I still have it.